Mountain Desert Laboratories LLC (MDL) is the manufacturer of ECOLEAF™ natural topical products. MDL was created by a Bruce Jack, a pharmacist with over 20 years of experience in topical pharmaceutical product formulation. ECOLEAF™ natural topical products were developed by pharmacists from patented prescription topical product technology and are designed to provide natural soothing comfort for the symptoms associated with multiple medical conditions and injury of skin and mucous membranes in most parts of the body. This relief of common symptoms we call ECOLEAF™ RELIEF!

MDL over-the-counter formulations were developed by pharmacists from natural plant sources based on patented prescription topical products. The following information lists the statistical results from studies demonstrating clinical efficacy of those related prescription topical products as:

Condition ** Symptom or Treatment Parameter ** Statistical Significance

Cold Sore ** Reduction of lesion size ** p <.05

Genital Herpes ** Complete healing time ** p <.05

Shingles ** Complete healing time ** p <.05

Chicken Pox ** Complete healing time ** p <.05

Canker Sore ** Reduction of lesion size ** p <.01

Oral Mucositis (due to chemo) ** a. % decrease in mucous membrane involvement ** p <.01

Oral Mucositis (due to chemo) ** b. discomfort with eating ** p <.01

Oral Mucositis (due to chemo) ** c. discomfort with oral care ** p <.01

Thermal Burns ** a. Reduction in erythematous zone** p <.01

Thermal Burns ** b. swelling of proximate tissue ** p <.01

Thermal Burns ** c. tenderness on palpation ** p <.05

Thermal Burns ** d. blister height ** p <.01

Sunburn ** Decrease in rate of blister formation ** p <.05

Decubitus Ulcers (bed sores) ** Reduction of lesion size ** p <.01

Mountain Desert Laboratories has fomulated our natural products utilizing simple plants extracts from specific plant sources to provide symptomatic relief and potential treatment activity similar to that seen above with the related prescription topical products.

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Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies: Refunds, Returns and Cancellations con be requested online, but details are worked out in most cases by telephone. Refunds and returns of merchandise purchased must be done more than 60 days prior to product Expiration Date

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How long will it take for me to feel symptomatic relief? ANSWER: Although individual response may vary, most people feel a difference in their symptoms with one or two applications. If there is no change in symptoms seen within 72 hours, we recommend consulting a physician.

2. How often can I apply ECOLEAF™ products? ANSWER: Follow the directions on the packaging your product came attached to. The usual application recommendation is 4 to 5 applications daily.

3. Can I use ECOLEAF™ products if I am pregnant? ANSWER: Though ECOLEAF™ products contain naturally derived plant extracts, it is still recommended that pregnant women do not use ECOLEAF™ products without the knowledge and recommendation of their physician.

4. Since ECOLEAF™ products are natural products, is there any reason why I should not use them? ANSWER: You should not use ECOLEAF™ products if you are allergic or have reacted to any of the ingredients listed on the packaging or if the lesion(s) you are treating is infected.
ECOLEAF® Products are available from our website, Highland Pharmacy or Albuquerque City Drug in Albuquerque, New Mexico.