Developed by pharmacists from natural plant sources, each ECOLEAF® product is formulated to provide symptomatic relief for one or more of the following ailments: mouth sores, burns, cuts, scrapes, lacerations, eczema, psoriasis, pressure sores, joint and muscle pain, diaper rash, chicken pox, shingles, sunburns, herpes infections, and to provide protection from sunburns!

Today, as economic uncertainty creates changes in the delivery of healthcare to millions of people worldwide, it has become imperative that affordable, alternative methods for treatment be made accessible. In addition, the health conscious public demands medical treatments that minimize adverse reactions and side effects commonly seen with prescription medications.

The ECOLEAF® brand of natural topical products was created to meet both of these needs. Developed from natural plant sources by pharmacists, ECOLEAF® products provide natural topical treatment alternatives for multiple medical conditions or damage to skin or mucous membranes in virtually all parts of the body. Utilizing patent supported formulations, ECOLEAF® products provide symptomatic relief from pain, itching and burning and a thin coating to help protect against further damage or irritation.

ECOLEAF® Products are available from our website, Highland Pharmacy or Albuquerque City Drug in Albuquerque, New Mexico.